Why 2BuyAg?

2BuyAg is a network made up of all different kinds of farmers and people that want to know where their food comes from. It streamlines searching for farm products, farmers, or buyers that meet your personal and business needs. Search for a specific item, location, certification, and more. Message local farmers or buyers you’d like to get to know. Order, pay online, and arrange for delivery or pick-up.

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Building relationships

2BuyAg’s messaging and ordering system enables farmers and the people that eat the food they produce to directly connect. Connection and communication build trusted relationships.

Local, regional, national and global food supply chains need more trusted relationships. The 2BuyAg network helps create these trusted relationships by allowing more visibility and accessibility. This leads to better balancing of food supply and demand, reducing food waste and increasing supply chain resilience. Many factors can impact the volatility of food supply chains, challenging farmer and food buyer relationships, including climate change, consumer demand, government regulations, and international trade agreements.

2BuyAg is not tied to a specific location, so it enables farmers and food buyers to have the flexibility needed as these factors occur.

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Promoting sustainability for farmers and buyers.

2BuyAg is for all farmers – small, medium, large, niche, and urban and all buyers-families, chefs, institutional food buyers, distributers and more.

Sustainability is a moving target with various meanings for different people. We want to be one part of the solution with a focus on expanding market options to create more opportunities for sustainable income. This is critical for our local, regional, national, and global food systems as demand increases for greater access to locally raised foods.

A farmer may need to reduce the amount of produce they sell at lower wholesale prices and increase what they sell directly to consumers. This farmer would create product posts on 2BuyAg showing smaller quantities that families need. A grocery store may want to find larger scale organic farmers that offer different pricing because of their production efficiencies. This store would create posts on 2BuyAg stating produce needed with large quantities mentioned.

Families, food hubs, CSA organizations, restaurants, schools, hospitals, health markets, big box grocery stores and more can all access the same large network of farmers and buyers.

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